Wolf Valley

by Cliffjumper

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Yann Excellent album, great job !!!! Favorite track: Salting the Earth.
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released January 7, 2014

Cliffjumper is:
Bronson Lee Norton - Vocals
Kyle Tavares - Guitars & Vocals
Max Wittmer - Drums

Additional vocals on track 9 by Christopher Stiles of WTCHDR
Sound design on track 11 by Damian Sandoval
Bass guitar performed by Don Bauder

Recorded and Mixed by Stuart McKillop at Rain City Recorders in Vancouver, British Columbia
Additional tracking and edits by Mark McKitrick
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland, Oregon

Photography by Jeff Wong
Layout by Ricky Castanedo




all rights reserved


Cliffjumper Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Salting the Earth
You keep running with the plague of the earth
And it makes me fucking sick
Prolonged, we should have stamped you out at birth
I'm in the soil beneath your feet

I'm running for the hell of it
I'm running for the fuck of it

There is no dollar on this earth
That could buy the eyes out of my sockets
Self inflicted wounds have rotted
Blind men, bloody pockets

In young minds
What is just is so clear
Deep in your mind
What is just is so clear
With age we become
Used to what we see and hear
Track Name: 999
Armed to the teeth
Scars on your knees
Marked until death
For every quick fix
Every weeping sore
Every poisoned pore

Won't be long
Won't belong
Won't be long
You won't belong
Won't be long
Won't belong
Won't be long

Wounds that will fade
But not go away
Cut your losses
Count your lessons
Someday you'll learn what love means

My hands washed clean
My hands washed clean

Your demons
Death grips the rope
Tightens around your filthy lust

Death grips the rope
Death grips the rope
Death grips the rope
Track Name: Contract Killer
When you put that needle to your chest
And swore on your life
You'd never take a second for granted in this

Who's throne did you make such a kneeling promise on
You're just a man, flesh and blood and carbon

Did you think that God would get you through this
You're just a pawn, a marionette
With no control over your next move
Hung by your throat

Your next move
(At least thats what they said)
Your next move
(At least thats what they said)
Your next move
(At least thats what they said)
Your next move
Track Name: Lurk
I've become the very animal
I swore i'd never inhabit

The clock crosses it's hands
Over and over

This process of elimination
I've set in motion is stagnant
My emotions eliminated
My emotions eliminated

This is what hanging from the cross must have felt like
The pig in his stall, living to die
No barrier, between the beast
No barrier, between the beast and I

Like a bear on a chain I'd do almost anything
To escape the ring
What a circus our society has become
This suburban game
To reach a goal no one can afford to obtain
The price is your soul
How far would you go
To be accepted for only who you know
We put ourselves on display
On a day to day basis
We put ourselves on display
On a day to day basis
Only to stare at the faces of those who found a way
Track Name: Peasant King
Insatiable whore
Daughter of the preacher
Rotting at the core
Hollow filth
Like the apple in her fathers pew

We'll be rusting and wishing
While copper erodes
In the well of our youth

We'll find strength in numbers

Sons and brothers
Crying out from the gutter
At the doorstep of the bankers ball

At the heart of the harvest
Peasant king
Locust kin

Hammering, hammering, hammering
Hammering, hammering, hammering
Track Name: Wolf Valley
I will not apologize
I was born with a critical mind
They said look up to the sky and I'll tell you what to see
Neck deep, I trudge through the shit
Deal me death before ignorance
The wise men came from Juilliard
To find a rat persistently teething

Here in the valley now
Where the rain pours in and funnels down
In the age where eyes grow in our palms
How do the mountains obscure your thoughts
I'll remain with teeth bared here
Both eyes open and cautious ear
Holy is as holy does
And holy always sleeps in

Son please drink this wine for it's in your bones
And if you get drunk this way
I'll save you from the demons of this world
But don't you think a thing all on your own
Read this verse to them
Welcome them to our world

Lose yourself give in forget
Take a bottle down for the holiest saviour
Sell it, sell it, buy it, load it, shoot it
Junkies flock from all around for the holiest saviour

Down, down, down, down
Save yourself
Track Name: Ritual
Slaughter the heart of that which you can not relate
The shame is your own not of those you've laid to waste
Slash their throats, crush their bones
Skin the outer layers of their hide
Childlike souls
Childlike souls
Childlike souls
Fight to find the light

Salt the earth
Hands in the dirt
Take what you can
Kill everyone
Fuck the innocent
Fuck the innocent
Fuck the innocent

Don't bat an eye as the blood transforms into dollar signs
You've got the world at your feet
So put your foot on it's back
An early grave for the slaves put to death by the weak
You've got your hand in the pot
And the water is boiling, boiling

Keep from the cold while they pray for sleep
Keep from the cold while they pray for sleep
Keep from the cold
Keep from the cold

Right you are (right you are)
Right you are (right you are)
Right you are (right you are)
Track Name: Last Communion
Day in, day out
Soak up, spit out
Every evil, every plague
Curse your friends
In bed with demons

Spiral downwards
Our arms are open
Doors are closing
Hearts are breaking
Here to help you in fighting
The battle you're losing

Gaze through me
With unconscious eyes
Gaze through me

Curse your friends
Curse your friends
Curse your friends
Curse your friends

Eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes

With unconscious eyes
With unconscious eyes
With unconscious eyes
Track Name: The Great Northern Landfill
Unable to stop
Unable to stop
This is what we call progress

Lands ground to ashes
Ruled with no conscience

Black are the hands draining the blood
Black into gold, riches from mud

Spread the sickness
Spread the swarm
Blind eyes always reaching for more


A plague!
A plague!
A plague!
In chains
We are kneeling
Track Name: Hands in the Dirt
There is a graveyard east of the city
Where men rest easy in vane of his pity
Those who should wander sit blind in the light
Seeking forgiveness for leading their lives

Make your vows, drown the noise
Turn the page, burn the rest
Make your vows, drown the noise
Turn the page, burn the rest

Pray for remission of all your desires
Give up your soul before you expire
To whom do you believe your body belongs
The ghost in the mirror or the cross in your palms

I've seen this city, opened my eyes
And this I won't compromise
Clasped hands won't hold the truth
These words that you cling to

Nails through your hands
Bit by the serpent
Live for the clergy
Die for the sermon